The Holy Catholic Church, which has fought the battles of Christ for eighteen hundred years, is therefore destined to pass through a persecution compared to which those that she has suffered up to the present time are insignificant. St. Augustine classifies them under three general headings. The first he calls violent, on account of the cruelty with which the early Christians were treated by the Roman Emperors, while at a later period the Church suffered from the deception of false brethren, a trial much more insidious than the former, as it was more dangerous. But the persecution of Antichrist will combine both forms and will consequently prove more redoubtable than when one form only had to be contended with. - The Antichrist by the Rev. Paschal Huchede

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The Antichrist and his precursors - Freemasonry and Ecumenism.

At the end of the age the Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Freemasonry (the root and substance of modern Ecumenism) is condemned by the Traditional Orthodox Church and the Traditional Catholic Church, but just the opposite by the Apostate Orthodox and Apostate Catholic Churches.


The Frankish Papacy's
Involvement in Judeo-Masonry
[Excerpts from "The Two Babylons," Bible Believer's Newsletter, #167, Sydney, 2002.]
The Pope's Attitude towards Judaism

The Attitude of the Holy Fathers Towards Heretics and Pagans Compared to the Contemporary Hierarchs of "World Orthodoxy"

1. Testimonies from the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Fathers on the Necessity of Having No Communion with Heretics and Schismatics, the Enemies of Christ

By Dr. Vladimir Moss

[Showing pictures of: 33 Degree Mason "Patriarch" Athenagoras with 33 Degree Mason Pope Paul VI and including Pope Paul VI abandons the papal tiara to the United Nations, no pope has worn it since;
Pope Paul VI begins using a new papal staff with a broken Masonic cross and a limp Christ;
Pope Paul VI with a Judeo-Masonic emblem, the Ephod of Caiaphas, hanging from his loins.]

Vladimir Moss
Can be found at
The Pilgrims’ Way: Articles

An Interpretation of the Apocalypse of St. John the Theologian - by Vladimir Moss

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October 1999

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