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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Decree Against Communism

This would effectively and completely excommunicate the entire Vatican II Council


Decree against communism
Pope Pio XII

Decree of the Holy Office in 1949

Q.1 Utrum licitum sit, partibus communistarum nomen dare vel eisdem favorem praestare.
[By chance is it licit to give name or to make favors to communist parties?]

R. Negative: Communismum enim est materialisticus et antichristianus; communistarum autem duces, etsi verbis quandoque profitentur se religionem non oppugnare, se tamen, sive doctrina sive actione, Deo veraeque religioni et Ecclesia Christi sere infensos esse ostendunt.

Q.2 Utrum licitum sit edere, propagare vel legere libros, periodica, diaria vel folia, qual doctrine vel actioni communistarum patrocinantur, vel in eis scribere.
[By chance is it licit to publish, promulgate or read books, journals or leaflets which defend the action or the communist doctrine, or to write for them?]

R. Negative: Prohibentur enim ipso iure

Q.3 Utrum Christifideles, qui actus, de quibus in n.1 et 2, scienter et libere posuerint, ad sacramenta admitti possint.
[Can Christians who perform the acts mentioned on n.1 and 2 be admitted to the sacraments?]

R. Negative, secundum ordinaria principia de sacramentis denegandis iis, Qui non sunt dispositi

Q.4 Utrum Christifideles, Qui communistarum doctrinam materialisticam et anti Christianam profitentur, et in primis, Qui eam defendunt vel propagant, ipso facto, tamquan apostatae a fide catholica, incurrant in excommunicationem speciali modo Sedi Apostolicae reservatam.
[If Christians declare openly the materialist and antichristian doctrine of the communists, and, mainly, if they defend it or promumulgate it, “ipso facto”, do they incur in excommunication ("speciali modo") reserved to the Apostolic See?]

R. Affirmative


Therefore, all catholic who votes for a communist party (which is a way to make favor) or who affiliates into a communist party, or who writes filo-communist books or magazines are excluded from the sacraments.

Those who defend, promulgate or declare the materialism from the communists are also automatically excommunicated.

This decree from Pius XII’s Holy Office, confirmed by John XXIII in 1959 is still valid. In fact, Pius XII worked personally against communism in Italy.

Such a condemnation of communism adds up to other condemnations made by Pius IX, Leo XIII, St. Pius X, Pius XI, Pius XII (who have condemned it in other opportunities), John XXIII, Paul VI, the Council Vatican II (which reiterated the preceding condemnations) and John Paul II.

It has been more than 100 years that the Catholic Church condemns communism, socialism and any kind of materialism and material egalitarianism. The penalty for those who disobey the prohibition of aiding communism (or its variants) under any aspect (including voting for filo-communist parties) is automatic excommunication.

"Religious socialism, Christian socialism are contradictory terms, for no one can be, at the same time, good catholic and true socialist." (Pio XI)

Pope Pio XII - "Decree against communism"
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