The Holy Catholic Church, which has fought the battles of Christ for eighteen hundred years, is therefore destined to pass through a persecution compared to which those that she has suffered up to the present time are insignificant. St. Augustine classifies them under three general headings. The first he calls violent, on account of the cruelty with which the early Christians were treated by the Roman Emperors, while at a later period the Church suffered from the deception of false brethren, a trial much more insidious than the former, as it was more dangerous. But the persecution of Antichrist will combine both forms and will consequently prove more redoubtable than when one form only had to be contended with. - The Antichrist by the Rev. Paschal Huchede

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Saturday, May 22, 2010



Thursday, May 20, 2010


It is hardly appropriate to say, enjoy these films, because they just don't fit that mold. It seems to be timely that they have resurfaced after so long away. Some material just does not stay around for too long it seems. I am not saying I concur with everything in them, but I am saying that here is another view at the way of the world and who is what.


America has been the targets of the Jesuits and Popes since 1776. With help of France who had banished the Jesuits from their country at that time, America fought for it's freedom against King George III and won. Thus the declaration of independence was established and then followed the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Monroe Doctrine to protect us from Jesuit infiltration and destruction of our Republic. But slowly the infiltrating Jesuits have come in and have now brought America under the control of the dictator in Rome (The White Pope who is under the control of the Black Pope and his Jesuit army)


This is Video Number Two! Listen everybody, This is just the tip of the iceberg. The Jesuits and Popes have the most treacherous history. Nobody comes close. They have ALMOST totally covered up their bloody history. Let's research and we will find that The fascist Catholic Cult in Rome are the Demons behind the oppression in the world. I was raised catholic. This has nothing to do with the catholic people. It is the Jesuits, Knights of Malta and all the secret societies and government agencies they control.

The above statements are from the film maker. Personally, I believe that the Zionist Jews have a much longer and more ancient history of slaughtering than any other religious sect upon the planet. Just consider the slaughters in the Old Testament well before the creation of Catholicism or Christianity.


Steve in Vista said...

The sons of Israel and Esau.

Collectivism was pioneered in the Rabbinic Academies of Palestine after Christ, those same Pharisees who rejected Jesus and said we will have no other than Caesar to rule over us (the Jews) - John 19:15. When Rome increasingly apostatized to Caesar, then more and more of the apostate Jews fell under Rome's sway. They use one another. Communism - Socialism - Marxism was totally a Judaist invention as an outgrowth of Lurianic Cabalistic Talmudic Judaism and increasingly infiltrated and subsumed Russia and the European market and the so-called Capitalistic trade (Central Banks are not free market Capitalist as envisioned by the founding fathers). Fair dealings have been replaced by the thirty shekels of silver the Pharisees paid to Judas Iscariot to betray Christ - Matthew 26:15 and Matthew 27:9.

British Petroleum is one example of Socialist British Central Banking collectivism masquerading as free market Capitalism. The recent staged spill and the scare that the world will end is typical Communist infiltration and terrorism and subversion. That some "scientists" would appear as shills of such an effort is not at all unique, Einstein was such a one in the twentieth century. The Russian version of this recently was the Gazprom disaster (Russian: Открытое акционерное общество "Газпром" Otkrytoye aktsionernoye obshchestvo "Gazprom"). The aim is to collectivize all trade and money to the Communist Czars who are in every country worldwide- don't forget that Obama is Gorbachev's puppet.

Meanwhile the other arm of subversion typical of Communists is propaganda - such as is used by shills pretending to be oppressed people and represent them and are in fact imposters (Judaist Communists excell in this - Judaist Zio-Communists specialize in this in the Middle East - they shill out of their mouths: "Oh, I am being attacked for the truth on all sides and intimidated and coerced and it is the big bad Amerikanskis' fault -- oh, we must turn to hardline Communism for an answer." Sheer lying garbage. It has destroyed Syria and Lebanon and a large part of the Palestinian resistance and Egypt and now is destroying Iraq.).

Amoral secularism is a branch of Communist infiltration - feminism is its demon-child.

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